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Welcome to the new Grymer/Sterner® toggle suture online resource and reference site for veterinarians.

The primary focus of this Web site is to present a 'step-by-step' method of left displaced abomasum (LDA) repair in the bovine utilizing the Grymer/Sterner® toggle suture method. The secondary focus of this Web site is to share some helpful techniques and insights, which we have learned from years of clinical experience.

LDA repair with the Grymer/Sterner® toggle suture is by no means the only, or in some cases, the first choice of LDA repair, but it does have an important place in LDA repair of appropriately selected cows. Therefore, if you plan to employ this method of repair, it is important to select your candidates well, and to employ good procedural techniques. This site is designed to present some useful strategies, which will ultimately result in the successful outcome of LDA repair.


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